The Gamut of Public Cloud


We help analyse and plan your end-to-end cloud deployment based on every need

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Our SME team helps implement a tailored solution fitting your stream of business

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We help you choose the right platform and guide through the migration for maximum benefits

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After setting up on cloud, our SME team can work with you to manage your applications for optimal usage

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Our Teams

Near Shore

Many companies find that despite an abundance of talent in several competitive integration companies abroad, their distant locations, conflicting time zones, language and cultural fluencies often offset their benefits. Take advantage of our near-shore location, bilingual ability, market familiarity and expertise. With service-delivery centres in Australia, Malaysia and India:


Benefits of Near Shore Model

  • Attractive pricing models and time management
  • Efficient customer delivery through our 'near-shore' advantages
  • In time-driven marketplace
  • Easy accessibility
  • Reduced travel costs
  • Qualified personnel on deployment

On Shore

This model is well-suited where the engineering and architecture team is required to be close to the client-side stakeholders, when the project scope is not clearly defined, or a project is open-ended and iterative in nature. Throughout the assignment, our consultants work with the onsite manager and report back to our offices as stipulated. The services provided by an onsite consultant are: project requirements capture and technology assessment, design, Implementation, testing, maintenance, and support.


Benefits of Onsite Model

  • Requirements not being defined at length
  • Ability to dynamically and continuously change deliverables or requirements
  • Tough and rigid deadlines
  • Constant availability of support
  • Direct interaction with client stakeholders
  • Scalable staff augmentation
  • Moving across time lines
  • Mission-critical Projects
  • Open-ended and iterative nature of project scope
  • Well-suited for projects that are highly secured and confidential


With the Offshore Model, clients receive the same high-quality service while accelerating production through time zone advantages and leveraging exchange and labour rates for superior cost-effectiveness. The Offshore Model safeguards the client’s intellectual property, proprietary software and new development specifications with very high levels of security. Clients retain full ownership of intellectual property rights and software source code at the completion of a project.


Benefits of Offshore Model

  • Readily available, experienced resources
  • A skilled sub-team to complement your own onshore/onsite teams
  • Potential for near round-the-clock capability to reduce cycle times
  • Capable of handling long duration and large projects
  • 24/7 turnaround of support efforts
  • Time-to-market with right cost
  • Project maintenance
  • Established business processes